Live Balloon Twisting

Think of us first when you need a live entertainer creating custom balloon sculptures while you watch!

Delivered Balloon Sculptures

We make everything from a simple bouquet of balloon flowers to life-size figures and beyond! Whatever the occasion -- birthday, anniversary, party, we'll work with you to create something to make sure your message stands out.

Decorating Services

Arches, columns, table centerpieces, and more! Consider balloons for decorating the space where your event is held.


Imagine an entire wall covered with balloons! Perhaps they convey your company logo on an extreme scale! Maybe they serve as the backdrop for a theme party by presenting a scene of sky and trees. Let us help you "paint a picture" of balloons quickly and easily on a giant scale!

Theatrical Effects

If you happen to work with a theater group, keep balloons in mind as another option for stage effects. Ranging from simple accents to complete backdrops, balloons provide high impact at low cost. Recently we created an effect for a local production of "The Little Mermaid". Clear balloons in a variety of sizes were combined with sheer fabric to create the effect of sea foam. Blue and green light (and later red light at a dramatic point in the scene) reflected off the clear balloons to help set the mood of the scene.